Blue Wild Turkey Wing Feather Toy


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This blue turkey wing feather toy is an interactive cat toy with a Tamboo® fly rod and a Cat Fly™ made with wild turkey wing feathers and bright blue marabou feathers as a splash of color. The wing feathers are black and white striped.

Blue is a visible color to cats. Due to their ability to see in low light, cats see blue and green colors more strongly than others.

These pet toys are a great natural product that is safe for your pets and the environment.

Tamboo Flyers require very little wrist/arm mobility and won’t tire you out – only your pet! If you can grip a pencil and make small writing movements, you can make the natural turkey feather toy fly all over the house and make the cats go crazy and the dogs spring to their feet!

Blue Turkey feather toy: Tamboo Flyers by CatTamboo Pet Toys.

Tamboo Flyers® are like fly rods for your pets! These unique dog and cat wands toys are a type of feather toy that is very long, durable, and eco friendly. These feather toys are similar to a lightweight fly-fishing rod. At the end of the fly rod is a Cat Fly™. Cat flies are designed to imitate a real bird or moth, just like they do in the sport of fly fishing. These engaging pet toys are available in a variety of sizes. Get your Tamboo Flyer today to discover why cats and humans are having crazy fun Doing the CatTamboo!

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What size should I order?

Medium – Our most popular size is 4-5 feet long and offers a dynamic play experience.
Large – This toy is over 5 feet long with a larger lure, ideal for pets that are attracted to birds and larger prey.
Jumbo – This toy is over 6 feet long with premium, extra-large lure and rod, offering the the best durability and dynamic action for aggressive hunters.

OPTIONAL  You can add a peacock eye feather to any lure! The blue-green color is visible to cats and especially eye catching. Pets find the shimmer and pattern of the peacock feather irresistible. Try one!

What about shipping?

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